Mentoring and Service Opportunities

Mentor a Youth Aged 8-18 through Texas Baptist Children’s Home

As a mentor with TBCH, you are encouraged to attend their games and extracurricular activities, to take them off campus, and go to activities in the community to expand their culture and life experiences.  Times to meet with your youth are flexible.  To learn more about the children TBCH serves, please visit their webpage here: Texas Baptist Children’s Home

Mentor a Teen Aged 16-18 With Partnerships for Children’s “Yes Mentoring”

Yes Mentoring is a program funded through Partnerships for Children. The program consists of a 6 weeks life-skills class with a spring and fall cycle.  Mentors from the community meet at ACC East Campus with the participating teens.  An instructor teaches 6 Saturday morning classes and the mentors and teens work through the program’s exercises.  At the end of the program, mentors and teens are encouraged to continue in a mentoring relationship.  Mentoring these teens will look different for each child, depending on their need.

Mentor a Young Mom From the System, 17-21, in an Austin Children’s Shelter Cottage 

Teach pregnant or young moms with children how to cook on a budget. 2-3 Chefs can come once a month without background checks.  If you connect with a mom, you can ask about pursuing an ongoing supportive relationship and go through further training.  These moms will be completely on their own at 21 with no family support.  Statistics for them and their children are grim.

Group Service Opportunities Exist!  

Want to involve your small group?  Contact us to learn more about how your group can serve these children through fun and meaningful ways.