Why Get Involved?

Mentors and volunteers provide guidance, encouragement, and a support system when one is lacking, particularly during the aging-out process and beyond. Many times, mentors and volunteers are the only adults in the child’s life who are not being reimbursed for their involvement in the child’s care.

Through time spent together, a natural bond and a source of stability is formed. These vital relationships serve as a life-line for youth as they age in variable situations.

The primary focus of time with a child in care is to:

  • Share the love of Christ in tangible ways
  • Bond through activities together and build life-long memories
  • Introduce youth to new experiences and people from diverse cultural, socio-economic, and professional backgrounds, and involve them in a Christian community
  • Identify and nurture interests and hobbies and cultivate confidence and self-respect
  • Assist in study skills, time management, and organization
  • Help the child create and work towards attainable short-term and long-term goals
  • Teach independent living skills and money management
  • Guide them through financial assistance, aging out (older teens), and planning for their future
  • Expose the child to a functioning family unit and grow a sense of security and stability

You may be a great candidate for a mentor if you:

  • Have a sense of humor and can focus on the positive
  • Can recognize and build upon the strengths and weaknesses of others
  • Communicate openly and respectfully, and are a good listener
  • Have a heart for making a difference in a youth’s life
  • Understand the importance of commitment
  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and want to share His love with others